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Heavy Duty grinder (GWS 7-100 T)

Heavy Duty grinder (GWS 7-100 T)

Heavy Duty grinder (GWS 7-100 T)
Cat No: 001.73.556

HEAVY DUTY GRINDER, power input 720 W, Grinding/Cutting disc diameter 100 mm, Wire cup brush diameter 70mm, No-load speed 9,300 rpm, weight 1.8 kg

Technical data
Additional data
Rated input power* 720 W
No-load speed* 9,300 rpm
Disc diameter* 100 mm
Grinding spindle thread M 10 
Rubber backing pad, diameter 100 mm
Wire cup brush, diameter 70 mm
Weight 1.8 kg

* Highlighted Data

The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level dB(A); Sound power level dB(A). Uncertainty K= dB.


Slim and powerful tool in every hand


  • 56 mm slim housing in round shape for super comfortable holding
  • Powerful and robust 720 W motor
  • High torque model with metal bearing flange, perfect for any tough applications
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