Free fold Double flap lift-up fitting (372.37.573,372.37.574,372.37.773,372.37.774)

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Material: Fitting: Plastic, steel, cover cap: Plastic
Finish/colour: Fitting: Nickel plated,
cover cap: Grey or white
Adjustment facility: Height/side/depth of top panel
(via concealed hinge) and lower panel
(via connecting hinge),
holding power/center pull (via fitting)
Supplied with:
1 Double flap lift-up fittings set
(2 pieces, including front fixing material for wooden flaps or
flaps with wide aluminum frame, installation instructions and
paper drilling template)
1 Cover caps set, grey or white
(2 pieces, left/right)

height mm
weight kg
Model Grey White
840–910 4.5–9.0 I4fo 372.37.573 372.37.773
840–910 7.3–14.6 I5fo 372.37.574 372.37.774