Reimagine Smooth Operation with Slido D-Line 11 Sliding Doors!

Reimagine Smooth Operation with Slido D-Line 11 Sliding Doors!

Experience the epitome of ease with our Slido D-Line 11 sliding door system, meticulously designed to elevate your space with unmatched convenience. Made for both single and double sliding wooden doors, this innovative system boasts cutting-edge features that redefine smooth operation.

Unrivaled Speed and Precision

Tested to achieve lightning-fast speed of up to 0.5 m/s, our sliding door system ensures seamless movement with every use. The integrated shock absorber guarantees a closing speed of up to 0.4 m/s, adding an extra layer of safety and refinement to your door experience.

Effortless Installation, Maximum Versatility

Designed for versatility, the Slido D-Line 11 can be effortlessly installed on both ceilings and walls, providing flexibility to suit any space. Its top-mounted running position not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures optimal functionality.

Precision Engineering for Lasting Performance

Equipped with a durable axle bearing, our sliding door system maintains impeccable alignment and stability, ensuring consistently smooth operations. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 120 kg, it effortlessly supports heavy doors without compromising performance.

Enhance Your Space with Style and Sophistication

Elevate the ambiance of your home with the sleek elegance of glass sliding doors, enhanced by the advanced mechanisms of the Slido D-Line 11. Whether it's the soft-closing feature or the dual installation options, every detail is crafted to enhance your living experience.


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